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Do you have a dream of owning a waterfront home? When people think of Pensacola they normally only think about Pensacola Beach but, did you know that Pensacola is one of the most unique cities when it comes to waterfront living. Well, if you are like many of the people who live in or move to Pensacola, you do. And, finding waterfront homes for sale in Pensacola is pretty easy. Mainly because there is over 50 miles of coastline between Pensacola Bay, Pensacola Sound, and Pensacola Beach. But, did you know that Pensacola, Florida has many different types of waterfront living options you can choose from?  Below we will review the 4 different waterfront options from Bays to Bayous to Beaches and more.  Mix this in with the genuine southern charm and small beach town feel, you have a combination unlike anywhere in the world. Make Pensacola Florida you choice for your next homes purchase.

Pensacola Bay

Why look at waterfront homes for sale on Pensacola Bay?

Let's look for a waterfront home for sale on the Pensacola Bay. From access to the Gulf Of Mexico, and Pensacola Beach, to the intercoastal waterway. Pensacola Bay has lots of options for you to choose from. The Bay is great for boating, sailing, kayaking or fishing with the family, Or if you just like looking at the water and sunsets. Well, the bay has that too! Read more about what makes the Pensacola Bay such a great option below!

Pensacola Bay is an inlet of the Gulf of Mexico, is located between Escambia County to the north and Santa Rosa County to the south, and gets its name from the city of Pensacola, Florida. The Pensacola Bay is formed by Fairpoint Peninsula of Gulf Breeze, FL and the barrier island of Santa Rosa.  The Pensacola Bay Bridge also known as the 3 Mile Bridge crosses the bay, connecting Pensacola to Gulf Breeze on the western end of the peninsula.

And, the Pensacola Pass connects the Bay to the Gulf of Mexico. So, you can directly access the Gulf from the Bay. So, if you want to get out in the gulf for some fishing or fun you can have it. But, it also means you can easily get to Pensacola Beach which gives you a great way to enjoy the beauty of the gulf coast without having to deal with the traffic. So, if you want a waterfront home near the beach, then the bay is a great option.  So, buying a home on the bay is a perfect boating environment.

If the Beach isn't your thing then The Pensacola Bay also connects to Escambia Bay,  Blackwater Bay, East Bay, Santa Rosa Sound, and four river :  Escambia, Blackwater, Yellow , and East Rivers. This waterway system is 144 square miles, and it is the fourth largest estuarine system in Florida. And, has The Gulf Intracoastal Waterway running through a section of the it, so you can go from Gulf Shores, AL to Destin, FL. These areas are perfect for skiing, tubing, riding waverrunners and seadoos, or inland fishing. 

Have we peaked your interest yet? Contact us to find waterfront homes for sale in Pensacola for you today! Or, keep reading about the other waterfront living options below.
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Santa Rosa Sound

Why look for waterfront homes for sale on the Santa Rosa Sound?

The next great place to look for waterfront homes for sale in Pensacola is on the Santa Rosa Sound. Located south of the Pensacola Bay,  the Santa Rosa Sound is the body of water between gulf Breeze to the north and Pensacola Beach to the south. The northern shore consists of the Fairpoint Peninsula in Gulf Breeze and portions of the mainland in Santa Rosa County. It is bounded to the south by Santa Rosa Island separating it from the Gulf of Mexico.

Just like the Pensacola Bay, there is a bridge that crosses from Gulf Breeze to Pensacola Beach called the Bob Sykes Bridge. And, there is a $1 toll to cross it. But, owning a home on the santa rosa sound has many other benefits. Due the fact the Sound's water is calm it is great for boating, sailing, and using personal watercraft. So, watersports are a common past time with those who live on the sound. Fishing is another popular activity with an abundance of fish like red fish, drum, blue crabs, & sting rays. Dolphins are also often seen in the Santa Rosa Sound.

So, if you are looking a relaxing great place to live, the Santa Rosa Sound will give you and your family a great place to look for waterfront homes for sale in Pensacola. Are you ready to start your waterfront home search yet?  Contact us today!

Or check out waterfront homes for sale on the santa rosa sound here!

Gulf Of Mexico & Pensacola Beach

Let's look at Waterfront homes for sale In Pensacola Beach.

When most people around the world think about waterfront homes for sale in Pensacola they naturally think about Pensacola Beach. The Gulf Of Mexico in Pensacola is an amazing work of natural beauty! The Emerald Coast, the large white sand beaches, nothing beats our beach! So, This is totally understandable. At this point we have discussed 2 other great options for you to find a waterfront home if you want a more laid back lifestyle and not a beach lifestyle. The beach is great though! Pensacola Beach offers waterfront condos and homes for you to choose from. So, depending on your desires for a yard will determine which option you choose.

Owning a waterfront home On Pensacola Beach and Living the beach life on Pensacola Beach is fun and relaxing. From playing on the beach, swimming in the Gulf, kayaking and paddleboarding, to fishing from the shore, to exploring Fort Pickens, to riding bike owning a waterfront home here offers it all. Not to mention having a front row seat to the Navy Blue Angels Beach Air Show is amazing! Or simply drinking coffee and watching the sunrise with your loved ones.

So, as you can imagine there are lots of waterfront homes for sale on the Gulf Of Mexico in Pensacola Beach. So, Check out  Pensacola Beach Condos for sale here.

Are you ready to start search for waterfront homes in Pensacola Florida Now? From Beaches to Bays to Bayous to Sounds, Pensacola has the most diverse waterfront living options of anywhere on the planet. Let our waterfront home buying experts guide you through your waterfront home search in Pensacola.
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