Welcome to the Manderson Realty Real Estate Minute with Trey Manderson. We are beginning a 3 part series about real investing.  There are all kinds of benefits to investing in real estate. Pensacola and Gulf Breeze have both seen an increase lately in this market. Over the past few years, there have been many older homes that have been purchased and remodeled and sold and/ or turned into rental properties. You could be looking for a house to invest in, or a condo for rentals, Both have their advantages.  


In this episode, we discuss "Reasons to invest In real estate".


 In this video answer these questions about real estate investing:

- What are the 4 main reasons you should invest in real estate?

So, why should you invest in real estate, and what are the benefits? This is a very common question as people begin to decide whether it's right for them or not.


- How can a real estate investment reduce risk?

Yes, real estate investing can offer a possible reduction in risk. I know people may think that it can be risky. That is true if you buy the wrong property or don't understand what you are getting into. But, How does it offer a reduction in risk? We answer this in the video.


- What makes real estate investing so attractive?

I am sure you think this is a no brainer right. Well, we offer some of the reasons we think it's so attractive beyond just the normal notions.


- What are the main deductions you can take with real estate investing?

Now how do you make real estate investing work for you? There are some possible deductions you can take to help make things more affordable. What are they?


- How does equity increase in a real estate investment?

There are a few ways that you can increase your equity in a piece of real estate you invest in. We list off a few in our video.


If you are in the Pensacola, or Gulf Breeze, Florida areas and if you have questions about possible real estate investments, please feel free to give us a call! We would love to set up some showings for you and discuss all the great benefits to all the hot areas in the Pensacola area. Feel free to search our website to see homes for sale in Gulf Breeze, or Pensacola Homes for sale.


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